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Theo W. Black, MBA

American Contract Bridge League


Madison Lake, MN 55391
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I began playing bridge when I was twenty-six. I had just moved to the Twin Cities and began working at the central laboratory at International Multifoods. At lunchtime I noticed that there were four tables of bridge players. Unfortunately, that fall the company had a Reduction in Force, and several employees were laid off. The remaining scientists needed a couple of extra players. I volunteered, even though I knew little about the game. I bought a copy of Alfred Sheinwold's 1970s classic, '5 Weeks to Winning Bridge', and began playing during my lunch hours. I soon discovered that there were a number of players who hung out at the Coffeehouse Extempore on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota. I began playing in the evenings. I learned a lot in those early years. I was introduced to Duplicate Bridge by one of my University friends, Mike 'Mick' Cassell. I was hooked.

Today I play in the Mankato Duplicate Club that meets Mondays and Wednesdays (1:00 p.m. - 4:00 + p.m.) at VINE Adult Community Center in Mankato, MN.

The following are some bridge links I find useful.

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